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Why It’s Better to Buy a New Home than an Existing One

Why It’s Better to Buy a New Home than an Existing One

Everything in life has its pros and cons, and buying a home is no exception. Your parents probably taught you when faced with a choice between two options, you should always make a list of the benefits of each and the disadvantages, and the option with more pros was usually the one to choose.

As experienced home builders in Knoxville, TN, we’ve taken the liberty of making that list for you. Here are all the ways in which buying a newly-built home is a better choice than purchasing an existing one.

Financial Advantages

Money is the wheel on which our lives turn, so financial advantages feature high on the list in our opinion. When you buy a new home, you have the opportunity to choose the price you want to pay. Yes, really. Of course, all new homes come with a starting price, but that’s where the restrictions end. Every single finish you choose for your home is another chance for you to control the final cost. You’re not paying for those expensive countertops the previous owner paid a fortune for, and built into the selling price!

An advantage of building a new home is you pay for only what you want, too, instead of coughing up for features you don’t need. “Extras” like a finished attic or hardwood flooring command a premium, even if you don’t want them.

No Renovations Required

You won’t have to do any renovations for a long time, because the home is built exactly to your chosen floorplan and specifications. You won’t have to pay again to replace any fittings with something less than hideous after you move in, either. You get precisely what you can afford, and you know in advance exactly what it will look like. Accidents excepted, you’ll know how long it will be before you can or need to replace it, too.

Modern Design

It’s a fact that modern homes are typically more spacious, partly because of the popularity of open-plan design and partly because of adequate heating and cooling, which wasn’t necessarily installed in many older homes. In the past, this led home builders in Knoxville, TN to build more walls, creating smaller rooms with more doors that could close to modulate the temperature and reduce draughts. Modern designs are also more energy-efficient, which means lower lighting, heating and cooling costs.

Lower Maintenance

Lower costs for upkeep is a major benefit of building a new home, because everything from the new kitchen appliances to the HVAC system is still under warranty. In fact, the entire home is often protected by an American home builders’ new construction warranty, which covers any problems that arise during the first 10 years of occupation. If this is the case in the home you buy, your maintenance outlay for a full decade is likely zero dollars. Compare this with all the things that could potentially go wrong if you purchase an existing home.

Trading Convenience for Custom-Built

Of course, nothing is as convenient as a home that’s move-in ready right now, when you need it. That’s why our home builders in Knoxville, TN offer a number of quick move-in homes that have all the advantages of a new home and are ready to take occupation right away. The only difference between these homes and choosing to have yours built is you may not have the option to tweak the design.

In many cases, however, there’s still time to influence the finishes used, which provides almost the same level of customization with a fraction of the wait time.

When you’re ready to choose between building a new home or buying one ready to move into, our expert team is on hand to help you find the right investment. Call us at (865) 966-8700 or email info@saddlebrookproperties.com to see what we have available.


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