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The Top 3 Attractions Buyers Look for In a New Home

The Top 3 Attractions Buyers Look for In a New Home

In the real estate environment, it’s a seller’s market at present, with homeowners who sold their properties in 2017 realizing $44,000 higher on average than their asking price, according to a report from ATTOM Data Solutions.

With strong demand from buyers and low inventory levels in 2018, homes sell almost as soon as they land on the market. One of the solutions to this is the purchase of newly-built homes, which helps buyers find what they really want in a new home. Here are the top 3 things most buyers are looking for.


The location of a home is one of the most important drawcards for buyers. The average buyer of a one-story house isn’t looking to flip the property in a year, they are more likely looking for somewhere to settle down for the next phase of their lives.

Location, therefore, means more than the word seems to indicate – it includes the community, the neighbors, amenities such as schools, hospitals and restaurants.

At Saddlebrook Properties, for example, we’ve seen tremendous interest in our Hanley Hall development, partly because it falls within the excellent Farragut school system. Of course, the proximity to Fort Loudon lake and all the Turkey Creek shopping areas helps, too.


There are far too many horror stories out there about new homes lacking in quality construction. Buyers have become far more vocal in demanding that home builders in Knoxville TN comply with codes, and that they follow the architectural design to the letter.

Of course, these factors go without saying when you’re using a reputable developer, but at every level of the construction industry quality has become one of the main attractions for a new home buyer.

Design and Finishes

One advantage of buying a new home is having the choice of products and finishes that reflect your personal tastes and lifestyle. It’s also one of the primary attractions for buyers, whether they are first-timers choosing a home to raise children in or experienced owners who have had multiple ready-built homes.

The wide variety of cabinets, countertops, flooring, fixtures, and appliances available, and even structural changes such as additional bathrooms, basements or garages — are part of a huge range of options or upgrades that your home designer will help you to select.

These are just three of the factors buyers look for in a newly-built home. Some of the other trends our home builders in Knoxville TN have noticed are popular include ranch-style or contemporary designs, single story homes, a stylish kitchen that’s typically open plan to accommodate entertaining, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Features the average buyer isn’t drawn to are large homes and unusual architectural styles.

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