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How Energy-Efficient New Home Features Increase Your Savings

How Energy-Efficient New Home Features Increase Your Savings

When you purchase a home, it’s not only your new house interior design that is important. Choosing energy-efficient elements and features is a decision that can repay you for many years to come, and include benefits that are financial, environmental, comfort, and resale value-related, and more. Here are some of the energy-efficient new home options that will benefit your savings the most.

Radiant Barrier

Choosing to install a radiant barrier on the underside of your roof ensures you keep the air temperature in the home at a comfortable level, and prevent both heat and cold from entering through the roof. Called Radiant Barrier Sheathing, these barriers are made from material that reflects the heat instead of absorbing it.

Most insulation products slow down the flow of heat, but radiant barriers work the opposite way, according to Energy.gov. Including a thermal barrier in your new home might add to the initial cost, but you’ll score over the long-term with the savings you’ll have on energy bills as well as the resale value. Our expert new home builders in Knoxville TN can advise you on the best way to insulate your home.

Insulated Garage Door

Most garages are used purely for storage, usually of your family’s cars and other outdoor items. Theoretically, there’s little need for the garage area to be insulated, but with most modern garages attached to the home that’s no longer the case. If you have an attached garage with an uninsulated garage door, in fact, it’s costing you money in both winter and summer.

Studies show that an energy-efficient, R-18 insulated garage door can maintain your garage at about 12 degrees warmer in winter months and about 25 degrees cooler in summer. That reduces the energy losses through the insulated walls and ceiling, which not only reduces the utility costs but adds to the comfort of the home and the occupants. The ideal time to install this type of door is when you’re building the home, so consider spending the extra money in the short-term and gaining the benefits of doing so.

Glass Windows

When it comes to windows, the type of glass you choose is an important consideration for an energy-efficient new home. Experts estimate 70% of energy loss occurs through windows and doors, while 90% percent of window heat loss takes place through the glass. Low emissivity Glass windows are double-paned, EnergyStar® windows that contain an invisible, microscopically thin and transparent reflective coating, which is even finer than human hair. This reduces the infrared and ultraviolet light that moves through the glass, without decreasing the amount of light entering the home. The panes are filled with Argon gas to reduce transmission of outdoor temperatures to the inside, making your home comfortable and reducing utility bills.

Insulated Duct Systems

The air ducts are an important factor in every home, and if they are poorly sealed or insulated, they will leak heated air into unheated spaces. This can increase your heating and cooling bills by hundreds of dollars a year. You could reduce that, however, by upgrading to insulated duct systems. These distribute the air through the home without leaking, to keep all the rooms at a comfortable temperature. Combine this with zoning controls for a smart heating and cooling system that is super energy-efficient.

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