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Advantages of a Main Level Master Suite in Knoxville TN

Advantages of a Main Level Master Suite in Knoxville TN

Our two-story homes offer a range of exciting home floor plans, and one home design that’s enjoying increasing popularity these days is that of a main level master suite. Called a “master down” design, this type of home is typically a two-story house with the master bedroom and bathroom on the first floor. This layout offers a number of advantages for home buyers, including:

Easier Access

Anyone with limited mobility knows what a blessing a main level master suite can be. Having the bedroom just steps away from the living areas isn’t only convenient, it can actually be good for your health. Many homebuyers plan to live in their new home well into their senior years, while even younger families benefit from easy access to the kitchen, living room and entrances.

The Master Down design is especially suited to family members with special needs, because it eliminates all the typical problems staircases present. In the case of temporary disability caused by hip or knee surgery, the patient can be accommodated easily and conveniently on the main floor.

More Privacy

For families with teenage children, putting the youngsters upstairs while the parents stay on the main level offers more privacy for all parties. It limits the noise to one level of the home, while ensuring parents are in a prime position to hear the comings and goings of their offspring. In addition, when you have overnight guests you can accommodate them on the second floor, which gives them—and you—the privacy everyone cherishes. A master down design is one of the most exciting features of our Knoxville single story house plans.

Lower Utility Bills

Households without occupants on the upper levels can benefit from lower utility bills, by choosing to heat and cool only the lower level. Provided your HVAC system has zoning controls for the different levels, it’s a simple matter to power down the temperature for the part of the home that’s not in use. Speak with your home design specialist to determine whether a system of this sort is possible in your new home.

Improved Resale Value

Since 2013, the most sought-after type of floor plan has been a two story house with a main floor master, according to these statistics from Builder Magazine.

Advantages of a Main Level Master Suite in Knoxville TN  A master down is ideal for retirees with future mobility in mind, or empty nesters who no longer need to be located right next door to their children. There’s also a trend back to multigenerational living, which enables grandparents to remain independent for longer while contributing to their offspring’s living costs. All these factors are reasons why a main floor master suite results in increased resale value of the home.

Bringing the Outdoors In

There are few things as wonderful as having a bedroom that opens up to the outdoors. With a main level master suite, you can have access to the garden directly from your master suite, without being limited to a balcony or deck. Enjoy sitting outdoors with your morning coffee, or lying in bed listening to the sound of the birds.

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