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Benefits of Buying a Home with a Small Yard Space

Benefits of Buying a Home with a Small Yard Space

In most new neighborhood developments, the number of homes that can be built on large lots is limited, and there are always a few smaller lots left languishing at the end of the process. And when you choose to build a two story house on a smaller lot, you’re often left with even less outdoor space.

The primary benefit of a smaller lot is obviously a lower purchase price, but the cost-savings don’t end there. With a smaller area you’ll use less water to make your garden grow, and that’s an ongoing reduction in expenses that will last for the duration of your time in the home.

Creative and Cozy

Few things are as cozy as a small garden, a compact and well-laid-out patio, or even a raised deck over your basement walkout. They offer an intimate atmosphere with minimal maintenance requirements, where you can let your imagination run wild with plants and novel ideas. Here are some of our favorite small backyard ideas.

#1: Start with Furniture

It’s important to be able to accommodate the outdoor activities that are important to you, so begin by deciding what furniture you need in your garden. In addition to chairs and tables, you might want to add a fire pit for warmth and ambience, or perhaps an outdoor kitchen area for entertainment purposes. Plan the layout carefully, because chances are once you’re committed you might not be able to change it much. Next, measure the footprint of your furniture and plot it against the overall size of your yard.

#2: Plan the Base

Speak with your home designer to determine whether you should include adding a patio or deck to the floor plan you choose. Before you spend time planning the landscaping, it’s important to understand just how much space you have that you can work with. Whether you’re building a large home on a small lot or you’ve opted for small home plans, the outdoor area needs to complement the home and the flow to make it work.

#3: Choose Your “Must-Haves”

Whether it’s a patch of grass you can lie on with a book, a hot tub for relaxation or a plunge pool for cooling off, make sure you incorporate it into your plan ahead of time. There’s no room for error when you’re creating your dream outdoor living area, especially when space is limited.

#4: Select Suitable Plants

Obviously, you can’t consider transplanting large trees into a tiny garden space, but that doesn’t mean living without greenery. For your small garden area, choose plants that grow well in pots or planters, and place them according to their preferences for sunlight or shade. Look for novel ways to display them and incorporate as much natural beauty as you want into a smaller area. Check out this vertical planter tutorial for DIY instructions that you can adapt to your personal requirements.

For families without young children, a beautiful outdoor entertainment area that adjoins your two story house in Knoxville TN is often all you really need.

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