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The Charm of Outdoor Fireplaces for Fall

The Charm of Outdoor Fireplaces for Fall

An outdoor fireplace has a very special type of charm, particular during Fall. While it’s great in summer to sit around a fire, it takes on a different meaning when the weather is cooler. Then it becomes less of a visual element and more of a sensory pleasure, as you snuggle close to the warmth on chilly days and nights.

Don’t forget to include this option in your house design plan, to create the perfect exterior space for your Knoxville home. We’ve put together some great outdoor living trends to help inspire you.

Open Fire Pit

Open pits are an exciting outdoor fireplace option. They look cool, they can accommodate a large number of people around them and they create a real “campfire” atmosphere. Choose from gas or wood-burning options, and decide whether you want a free-standing fire pit or an inbuilt one. Some of the options for freestanding fire pits include carved cast iron surrounds or other decorative structures.

Inbuilt fire pits offer a choice of stone, ceramic, or glass surrounds, which can be raised up or left at ground level. Higher is better for easy fire-building, but a lower-positioned fire is best for overall body warmth during chilly Fall evenings. With 360-degree seating around it, a fire pit is the center of the party and enables more people to sit around it than a single-direction-facing fire.

Traditional Outdoor Fireplace

Of all the fireplace options you can choose from, a traditional hearth is the most luxurious. Serving the exterior seating areas, installing one of these classic units enables you to enjoy the outdoors long after the summer weather has left. Whether you opt for a gas operated or electrical fire, both types are easy to light, clean and maintain. If you want a dramatic feature for your patio that offers a great entertainment area when the weather’s cold, this is the option for you.

Compact Fire Place

A compact outdoor fireplace provides options for anyone who doesn’t have the desire or the budget for a permanent fixture. Whether you choose a traditional chimenea made from cast iron, clay or stone, or simply get this smokestack by Frederik Roije or a fire vase, a compact fire place can be moved as needed (when it’s not in use, of course) and repositioned accordingly. Make your entire outdoor area part of your living space by moving your compact fireplace to wherever you need it, when you want it there. It’s perfect for a home with a covered porch like the Barberry at popular Hanley Hall, which is now almost sold out.

Fire Table

A fire table is one of the latest trends in outdoor furniture, which adds a sense of luxury and style to any outdoor patio or backyard. It’s perfect for hosting guests and keeping everyone warm at night, and can be used for dining, playing card or board games, roasting marshmallows or even cooking up a fondue or communal dish. These table-style fireplaces come in a multitude of finishes, which makes it easy to find one that matches your landscaping and exterior house design.

When it comes to choosing the right outdoor fireplace for your home, a lot depends on what stage of building your home is at. For new homes, the sky is the limit because you can add a number of features during the planning stage. And when you’re finished viewing the dramatic Fall foliage in east TN, you can come home and relax in comfort.

For more information on how to include an outdoor fireplace in your new home, please contact the experts in house design at Saddlebrook Properties at (865) 966-8700.


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