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Electrical Outlet Tips for Your New Construction Home in Knoxville, TN

Electrical Outlet Tips for Your New Construction Home in Knoxville, TN

With cell phones, tablets, and laptops central to today’s work and play, more than ever it’s crucial to have convenient sources of electricity. A new home in Knoxville, Tennessee, built by Saddlebrook Properties, gives you the “power” to decide how many outlets you need, and exactly where you need them!

The team at Saddlebrook Properties, with lifestyle communities located in Farragut, Hardin Valley, West Knoxville, and surrounding areas, loves helping soon-to-be homeowners make the most of this new luxury home benefit. Read on for useful tips on forming your own personalized electrical outlet plan.

Review Your Floor Plan

Obtaining floor plans and envisioning the placement of your furniture will guide your decisions on where to locate outlets in your new home (and will give you a head start when moving in).

Review your activities starting with your morning routine and moving throughout the day. Will you need more than one appliance plugged in to make breakfast, or to get a head start on dinner with a slow cooker? Are you in a home office and need outlets for your printer and desktop computer? Will your Kindle need to be charging on your bedside table for unwinding at night? Think about your lifestyle and sketch it on the plan.

Keep Things Tidy

Organizing guru Marie Kondo has made her life’s work helping individuals declutter their homes, but you can avoid it in the first place in your new home in Knoxville, Tennessee by using electrical outlets in unique ways!

Install an outlet behind the master bath vanity drawer so when you need your hairdryer you can simply pull it out and drop it back in again – no more winding cords. Place outlets in kitchen cabinets to keep electronic devices out of view when charging. And, consider a “networking closet” with outlets and Ethernet to store modems and other electronics (bonus: this comes standard with each Saddlebrook Properties new construction home in Knoxville).

The Little Extras

Don’t forget these areas where it’s handy to have power:

  • On at least two sides of your kitchen island
  • In the broom closet for recharging sweepers
  • Mid-wall to light artwork
  • Indoors and outdoors for Christmas decorations

Get Expert Advice

If you’re still unsure whether you’ve covered all the details, worry no more! After your new home in Knoxville home is framed, you’ll accompany a team of professionals including your Saddlebrook Properties sales agent, the lead electrician, the site superintendent, and a lighting rep on an Electrical Walkthrough where they’ll provide expert suggestions and guidance on what’s possible within your budget. Plan on the session taking an hour, but they’ll be available for as long as you need.

At Saddlebrook Properties, we understand that the smallest details make the biggest difference in your Knoxville, Tennessee luxury home. With over 30 years as your trusted homebuilder, we know how to make the process easy. Reach out to us at info@saddlebrookproperties.com, or (865) 966-8700, and discover the Saddlebrook difference!


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