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Make Your Dream House Even Dreamier… On Your Own Lot

Make Your Dream House Even Dreamier… On Your Own Lot

When it’s time to move to your next house, new construction is a coveted option. One of the many attractive benefits is the chance to personalize your home, which semi-custom homebuilder Saddlebrook Properties, based in Knoxville, Tennessee, has taken to a new level.

New home construction communities come equipped with amenities such as a pool and clubhouse, beautiful and maintenance-free landscaping, and the money saving benefits of a new construction home. And, experienced building companies have house construction down to a science. But what if you have your eye on a scenic lake lot, picturing yourself heading out for a relaxing evening boat ride? You no longer have to sacrifice the ease and convenience of working with an established home building company. Saddlebrook Properties will work with you through their new Build on Your Own Lot program, guiding you to success step by step. Here are some areas to consider:

A Lot Goes into Your Lot

When you’ve found your dream property, take the time to vet it thoroughly. Check with city, county, and state authorities to make sure the area is zoned appropriately for residential use, and not industrial or agricultural. Use your senses when you visit the lot to make sure there are no harsh or annoying sounds, sights or smells. Make sure utility hookups are available, and determine how much clearing and grading of the land needs to take place. Not sure where to start, or haven’t found your lot yet? Saddlebrook Properties will help during any stage of the process.

Gaining Financial Freedom

Newly built homes offer more than that great new-house smell – they are built more energy-efficiently from the ground up, and eliminate the worry of hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead paint. Invest some time in choosing your appliances – most available today are smart devices that come with companion apps and convenient controls. They will be warrantied, as will your newly constructed home, saving you money. And Saddlebrook Properties provides additional financial peace with construction loan financing and clearly defined pricing agreements.

The Choice is Yours

Building a new house gives you the option to create a floor plan that fits your lifestyle. When you consult with your builder, arrive prepared with notes and even a vision board representing your needs and desires. Identify priorities beforehand in case you need to sacrifice in some areas to beef up others. And bring along color inspiration when choosing your house’s decor, such as a piece of art that makes you happy. Saddlebrook Property’s licensed Interior Designer will help you put it all together with the perfect finishes and fixtures in their West Knoxville Design Studio.

Trust the Professionals

New home construction enables you to focus less on upkeep, renovations, and maintenance, and more on having a place where you can truly be yourself. Customizing your surroundings by choosing your own lot completes your perfect picture, and working with a team of expert professionals who make things easy is key. Saddlebrook Properties is ready to make your building experience as rewarding as the finished product.

Saddlebrook Properties can’t wait to tell you more about their Build on Your Own Lot program. Contact their dedicated team at info@saddlebrookproperties.com, or call (865) 966-8700.

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