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Taking Care of Fall Home Maintenance—Inside and Out

Taking Care of Fall Home Maintenance—Inside and Out

There’s more to getting ready for Fall than just making sure you have an adequate supply of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Apple Cider. Sure, your wardrobe may have gotten a once over in preparation for the season, but your home needs a little attention as well. Sometimes those little steps you take in the fall can make a big difference in the comfort of your home—and some of these steps can save you money down the road.

A lot of these steps are common sense, but we’re all busy and it can be easy to overlook things that we think should be obvious. Let’s take a quick look at some maintenance issues you’ll want to check both inside and outside your Knoxville-area home.


  • Drain and flush your hot water heater to remove sediment. Doing this can extend the life of your water heater and maximize its efficiency.
  • Clean out the vent from your dryer. Not only will removing lint make your dryer more efficient, but it also eliminates a fire hazard.
  • Have your furnace/heating system checked before it gets cold. HVAC companies get swamped after the first cold snap.
  • Check all of your smoke detectors andCarbon monoxide (CO) detectors to ensure they are in working order, and replace batteries as needed (A lot of homeowners do this at the change from Daylight Savings to Standard time. It’s an easy way to remember)
  • If you have granite countertops, fall is a good time to seal them. This should be done periodically anyway to ensure they stay in good shape and since you’ll be doing other maintenance, you might as well add it to the list.
  • If you have a gas fireplace, test start it and clear the air in the line.

  • Make sure your air conditioning unit is prepped for the winter. You may want to have an HVAC contractor go over it. At least make sure dirt, leaves, and moisture can’t get in through the air intake.
  • If you have a wood-burning fireplace, have it cleaned by a reliable service company. Your fires will burn better and you’ll also minimize your chances of a chimney fire.
  • Disconnect all exterior hoses. It’s an obvious thing to do, but damage from frozen pipes as a result of hoses that have been left on is all too frequent (and expensive). Inspect your weather stripping and caulking around windows and doors. If it needs replacement or repair, you will want to do this before colder temperatures arrive.
  • If you have a sprinkler system, make sure it’s drained so that you don’t have to replace pipes or valves next spring.
  • As I mentioned, most of these things seem fairly obvious, but sometimes we need reminders to do the obvious. You can find an extended list of fall maintenance items to check on by clicking here. It’s a good way to protect your most significant financial investment!



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