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Often-Overlooked Things to Consider When Choosing a Knoxville New Homebuilder

Often-Overlooked Things to Consider When Choosing a Knoxville New Homebuilder

Choosing a new homebuilder is one the most important choices you’ll make. If you make a poor decision, you may be living with your mistake for years to come. When you’re ready to buy a new house, keep these things in mind when you visit Knoxville communities. 


Your new homebuilder will ideally have a model home available for tours. Since model homes help sell houses, most of them are beautifully decorated. Looking past the surface, however, can provide valuable clues into the type of quality you can expect if you choose the builder. 

Take a look at the carpeting. Does it have lumps or bumps, or is it loose around the edges? Look at the paint job. Do you see any missed spots or shoddy work? What about the flooring and trim – do you notice any gaps, or are they crooked? Don’t be afraid to open cabinet doors, peer into closets and even open the toilet tank in your search for clues. 

First Impressions 

New home sales offices tend to be busy places, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive the full attention of the sales staff. If the staff ignores you, even though they aren’t working with other customers, move on to another community. If they won’t pay attention to you when you’re a potential customer, they may not be very responsive to your questions or concerns during the building process.  

Does the staff answer questions to your satisfaction? If they only offer vague answers or don’t answer questions at all, be suspicious. Your builder’s staff should be able to answer to all of your questions or should know how to find the answers and get back to you promptly.  

A disorganized sales office can be a red flag. Take note if staff members can’t find the forms or materials they need, or if these materials don’t look very professional. This lack of attention to detail may extend to the building process. 


The ideal homebuilder won’t have recently joined the industry; the company should have a long history as a homebuilder. If your builder has been in business a long time, they’ll have plenty of experience handling the little problems that tend to occur during the homebuilding process. 

It’s also important to find out if your builder has built the kind of home you want. If the company specializes in trendy lofts and industrial-looking homes, and you want something cozy and traditional, you should probably keep looking 


Check county records to make sure there are no liens against your builder. Living in a half-built community with no amenities probably isn’t what you envisioned when you began your search for a builder. Avoid the problem by asking neighbors, building inspectors, or check local reviews about any builder you are considering.  

Buying a new home can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but also one of the most expensive. Protect your investment by choosing a quality homebuilding company with substantial homebuilding experience, like Saddlebrook Properties. When you visit a sales center, team members will walk you through every step of the process and make



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