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Living Near Water Is Good for Your Soul (and Body)

Living Near Water Is Good for Your Soul (and Body)

Living near water is good for your soul. We know that, you know that. Even if your new home isn’t a waterfront property, it’s important to know the life-giving liquid is nearby. Here are some of the primary reasons why American home builders take this factor seriously, and why all of our communities are in really close proximity to lakes.

The Benefits of Water on Your Psyche

New research has shown that 'blue space' including sea, rivers, lakes and even urban water features can have a positive impact on human well-being. It gives our brains and senses a rest from overstimulation and can induce a meditative or mindful state, which results in lower stress levels, relief from anxiety, pain, and depression, improved mental clarity and better quality of sleep.  It inspires us to be more compassionate, connected, and more creative.

Water Sports

The pleasure and advantages of taking part in water sports are well known, and while the number of lakes that allow motorized sports are limited, almost every lake authority tolerates quiet sports like fishing, kayaking or canoeing.

By finding the perfect home in Knoxville near to a body of water that allows skiing and boating, like TN’s Fort Loudon lake, you can indulge to your heart’s desire in everything from jet-skiing to tubing. Not only do these sports offer a great adrenalin rush, but they are proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

Watersports enhance your mental health, benefit people with arthritis and other joint problems and working out with your muscles helps to improve bone density.

Leisure Time Near the Water

You don’t have to be a sports fanatic to enjoy leisure time near the water. Communities like Leadenhall Gardens and Choto Meadows are within walking distance of Fort Loudon, which means you can reach the water with very little effort.

Just being able to walk or exercise to the sounds of the water provides more of a mental boost than a crowded gym environment or a busy mall, and sitting on a bench at the lake with a good book is time spent in nature enjoying the peace and tranquility.

Lakes in the Area

Fort Loudon Lake isn’t the only magnificent water with new home developments close by. While lake house plans are hard to come by, living near the winding Melton Hill Lake gives homeowners the chance to enjoy the best of all worlds.

The new Vining Mill and Braxton Creek developments are just minutes away from Melton Hill by car. Cycling and hiking trails, paddling and fishing go hand in hand with proximity to great restaurants, shopping, and the award-winning Hardin Valley school system.

To find American home builders with properties close to either of these spectacular lake systems, please click here to email us or call 1-865-966-8700.



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