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Latest Trends in a Kitchen Island

Latest Trends in a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have been around since shortly after World War II when popular designs began shifting to a more open-plan concept, according to Apartment Therapy. The idea was to make working at home easier and more streamlined, and the open kitchen meant dinner could be prepared while keeping an eye on activities in the family room. It was also a space saver in small homes, because it doubled as a dining area with easy serving access. 

Over the years, the kitchen island has continued to evolve, and it is now a fixture in many floor plan variations. 

Kitchen Flooring

For far too long, minimalism has dominated kitchen trends on sites like Pinterest, but the talk around town is that in 2018 we’re going to get some relief from it. The Neutral Kitchen look is entering phase 2.0, and while it’s still understated, it’s not as cold and sterile as before. 

A popular concept is to install hardwood flooring throughout, which works well in an open plan environment because it ties in with the rest of the house interior design. And it doesn’t matter where you position a movable kitchen island, it will look at home on the expanse of flooring.

Extra Seating

It’s no secret your kitchen island provides the perfect place for your spouse to sit and have a coffee or a glass of wine while you cook, or the kids to do their homework under your watchful eye. What’s less obvious, however, is the opportunity an island offers for additional seating when you need it. 

By having some extra chairs you can bring out, you can even make it an extension of your dining table when you have lots of guests, which really enables you to make the most of your kitchen space. Or perhaps hold a pub party around the island, with everyone on bar stools and the snackables in the center! 

A Gourmet Plating Area

Would-be celebrity meal preparation requires the time and imagination for attractive plating, and that’s difficult when you’re juggling with space limitations. The Aiken floor plan features a full-sized kitchen island ideal for creating divine dishes, and buyers can choose the right countertop materials by testing the different options in our Design Center. Before making a final decision, it’s good to think about the various ways the island will be used, as well as your family’s needs. 

Additional Storage

This is one of the hidden benefits of kitchen islands. Since the kitchen is one area where we never seem to have enough storage space, it’s a boon to be able to use the under-counter space in the island as well. Whether your island has one large open area inside or a combination of shelves, drawers and cabinets, it’s bound to have value for stashing serving platters, large bowls and pots, or even your everyday dining ware. And if you fancy using the island as an in-home cocktail bar, it’s the perfect place to hide the exotic ingredients for that drinks menu. 

Find ideas for your kitchen island on Pinterest and Houzz, or try out the Design Center to see which looks resonate with you the best. Download our brochure on the Aiken at Hanley Hall, and take a look at how the island forms an integral part of the living area. 


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