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How to Choose the Right House Plan for YOU

How to Choose the Right House Plan for YOU

If you’re currently renting and dreaming about joining the ranks of homeowners, you probably already know owning a home will bring multiple financial benefits. You’ll need to determine which of the following is your primary reason for buying a home:
  • Building capital
  • Profitable, long-term investment
  • Benefiting from fixed payments
  • Creating the lifestyle you want.
The answer to this question will help you at the outset to determine whether you should be looking at one story house plans or something with a bit more living space. 

Analyzing Your Needs

To choose the right house plan for your family, start by analyzing your needs. Then categorize them under headings like financial, work, rest, dining and entertainment. This will help you check off the different pre-requisites as you go, and ensure the plan you choose accommodates all your desires. For example: 

  • Do you need a separate work or office space, or just an alcove where you can fit a laptop in? 
  • Would you prefer a large, formal dining area off your living space, or will it be better incorporated into an open plan great room?
  • Is a main-floor powder room an essential for entertaining, or do you spend more time away than you do at home?

It’s easy to overlook something if you don’t have a comprehensive checklist, but committing things to paper not only helps you to remember but enables you to visualize the layout better. 

Consider Your Furniture

It’s a common mistake to try and fit large furniture into a small space, as well as vice versa. Neither of these gives a very good result, and it’s often better to redecorate at the time of moving than later once you’re settled. Plan out each room in your new home. Decide what furniture you’ll install and where you will place it. Measure the size of each piece and identify whether it fits in the space it’s intended for. If you’re going to have to replace a number of items, it’s important to know this in advance and to calculate how much it will affect your costs, since there’s nothing like unexpected purchases to blow a tight budget out of the water. 

Think About Modifications

It’s always a pleasure when the perfect one story house plans appear in front of you and no changes are required. It’s unusual, though, simply because buying a new home is not a “one-size-fits-all” process. Fortunately, modifications are often possible even with standard house plans, so before you settle for a plan that’s less than ideal ask your builder if anything can be adjusted. Whatever changes you’re going to make, it’s better to make them during this stage than once the plans have been drawn up, signed and approved. 

Trust Your Instincts

We’re all equipped with a “gut feel” that usually tells us if a space is likely to feel comfortable and fit our needs. Trust your instincts when you’re viewing house plans, because there are a number of options to choose from. If your instinct is to keep your master bedroom separated from the other bedrooms by a public spaces, then listen to that or you’ll have regrets when your family members with young children come to visit. 

Get Guidance

This is one time in your life when you don’t have to go it alone. Asking a real estate or home design professional for guidance can help you turn up factors you might otherwise miss. These include energy costs and savings, mortgage affordability in light of additional costs like property taxes, utility bills and transportation expenses. A professional can help you determine whether you can comfortably afford the home you want or if you should consider something different. 

Follow these steps before you start looking at one story house plans to ensure you don’t experience disappointment after making your choice. 

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