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How to Avoid Poor Workmanship in Your New Home

How to Avoid Poor Workmanship in Your New Home

New home building standards across the country are slipping—badly—according to this article in the Washington Post. Many new home buyers who use a construction company to create their biggest investment are unaware of just how often the corners are cut, but this reporter decided to stop by the building site on several occasions. By his own admission, he was shocked by what he saw. So, what’s the solution to poor workmanship that threatens your dream home, and how can you prevent it in the first place?

Choose a Reputable Building Company

When you’re looking at homebuilders, choosing a reputable company isn’t rocket science. If you follow some tried-and-tested processes you should have no trouble. Find a homebuilding company that hasn’t just joined the industry. Anyone who has been in business for five years or more is likely to have a solid reputation and a long history as a homebuilder.

It’s important to determine whether they have a history of building the kind of home you want. There’s little point in choosing a superb ranch house plan, for example, and appointing a condo construction company to build it.

Select the Best Finishes You Can Afford

Cutting corners never works—in life or in homebuilding. Just because you know a guy who knows a guy doesn’t mean you should try to save a few dollars by purchasing your finishes on the cheap. When you begin the process of buying a new home, take a firm decision to use only the very best for yourself and your family.

Select the best quality finishes and fixtures you can afford and don’t use anything that doesn’t come recommended by your builder. Thinking back to the first tip, keep in mind there’s a reason why your chosen construction company has been in business for a long time. Trust their advice and don’t even consider inferior home products.

Stick to the Plan

Changing floor plans mid-project is a nightmare, so make sure you’re happy with your ranch floor plan before building begins. Not only does “scope creep” cause changes to the final cost, because every modification requires a different quantity of building materials, flooring products and labor, but it can cause confusion. When you’re working to something as precise as building plans, confusion is counterproductive at best and causes errors at worst. No matter how excellent your building company is, if changes have been made that aren’t properly reflected on the plans you’re not going to get that doorway exactly where you wanted it.

Stick to Scheduled Visits

Unlike the reporter in the original article, you shouldn’t “pop by” the construction site without warning whenever the whim takes you. That’s not because your builder is taking shortcuts he doesn’t want you to see, but because:

  1. You’re not an expert. Trust the building company you’ve hired and know they will do their best to deliver the quality you want for your ranch house plan, not least to ensure they don’t lose their superb reputation.
  2. You undermine their confidence. Few master tradesmen are interested in working for a customer who thinks he (or she) knows more than they do. If you want the best results from your builder, make sure you give them your support.

Prevent poor workmanship ruining your homebuilding experience by being an exemplary customer once you’ve chosen the right homebuilder for your project. After all, it takes two to tango, doesn’t it?

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