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How Important is Your Neighborhood in Knoxville TN?

How Important is Your Neighborhood in Knoxville TN?

When there's something strange in the neighborhood, who are you going to call? Your neighbors, of course! Being happy in the neighborhood you live in is more important than many people realize. One third of all Americans have never interacted with their neighbors, and family and friends no longer typically live close by. This results in many people spending their “social capital” differently, such as traveling outside their area for visits.  

A 2015 report shows people trust each other less than they did in the 1970s, recreation is more private and we spend more hours watching television than ever before. It doesn’t have to be that way, however, and a new trend towards building communities is helping to bring leisure time back closer to home.

Whether you’re buying your first new home or your fifth, buying a new home in Knoxville TN is about more than just square footage and countertop finishes. Here are some ways neighborhood-related factors will impact you long past move-in day:

- Your neighborhood affects your lifestyle: Do you prefer to stay home on weekends working in the garden, or going to local events and activities? Are you an adults-only household or do you have children who need easy access to reputable schools?

Community builds safety and security: You don’t need a neighborhood watch to enjoy the security benefits of interacting with other residents. As long as you’re friendly with your neighbors, you’re more likely to keep an eye out for anything strange happening on their property—and they on yours. Having each other’s contact numbers is also helpful, even if it’s just to call and let your adjacent homeowner know there’s a kitten stuck on their roof!

- Sharing help and support: You don’t have to become best friends with everyone in your community, but sharing information, being there to help if required, and even knowing where to find the best local restaurant gives you a sense of belonging.

Neighborhoods in Knoxville TN are a case in point. With 10 different communities to choose from (although some are almost completely sold out), there is an ideal location for almost everyone. These communities have a lot going for them, such as large yards in a private wooded setting and community swimming pools. Some new homes in Knoxville TN are even maintenance-free, leaving you with extra time to enjoy the nearby amenities like access to nearby lakes, shopping centers, and great eateries.

One tongue-in-cheek blog post lists 25 reasons why having a good community and neighbors is helpful, including taking in your mail while you’re away, lending you tools that you might not have, inviting you to their parties (and giving you a break when you have a loud party yourselves), recommending service providers and watching your pets.

The truth is that it’s good to feel welcome in your area and have someone close by to share a coffee and a chat with, and when you’re living in quality homes with excellent community facilities it makes for great friendships that can last a lifetime.

For more information on the communities where we have new homes in Knoxville TN available for purchase, please call 1-865-966-8700.



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