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Exciting Features of Our Knoxville Single Story House Plans

Exciting Features of Our Knoxville Single Story House Plans

Some people have the “it” factor, and others just, well – don’t. It’s the same with homes. Certain home designs are far more interesting than others, such as the homes we build in Knoxville based on our range of single story house plans.

Here are some of the most popular features of these exciting properties.

Main Floor Master Suites

It’s not necessary to sacrifice space to get rid of stairs! In a home like the Remington, a single-story home can offer all the same benefits as a larger house on one level.

One of the benefits is a main floor master suite, which has access from both the living area, and from the mudroom via the walk-in closet. At 18 x 15 feet the bedroom is a comfortable size to accommodate that King bed you’ve had your eye on along with matching dresser, tallboy and night tables. The master bathroom leads off the bedroom, with “his and hers” sinks, a shower, tub and separate WC.

The advantages of having a main floor master suite include being able to age in place, without having to remodel your home to accommodate your changing needs. Mobility issues can become problematic as one grows older, and for a homeowner who might one day need to use a walker or a wheelchair a main floor bedroom and bathroom will be exceptionally convenient. You’ll also find yourself saving on energy costs, because heating a single-floor home requires less electrical power than two levels would.

Walk-In Closets

Walk-in closets offer the perfect organization system for anyone, whether you’re a fashionista, a perfectionista or anything in between. A homeowner with a passion for organization will appreciate the ability to have a place for everything, and walk-in closets typically make the most of shelving, hanging space and even a place to keep your jewelry. Display statement pieces easily where you can remember to use them, prepare and hang your outfits for a week to save time in the mornings, and even install an island to create a centralized storage area for non-hangables. You can also use the closet as a dressing room, giving you that extra bit of privacy we all enjoy on occasion.

Make more space for important items by choosing single story house plans that include a walk-in closet, and increase the resale value of your home. According to the National Association of Home Builders, buyers put walk-in closets in the master suite at the very top of their checklist when they are home-shopping.

Flex Rooms

Including a flex room in your choice of our single-story house plans gives you the chance to use the room for a range of different purposes. The popular options include:

#1: A home office or study

Who hasn’t had to work from home at some point? Whether you’re still working part-time, telecommuting in your current job or considering establishing a home-based enterprise, having a space you can use to set up your computer, install your WIFI and keep your books tidy will make all the difference. If you’re planning to study and learn something new, a quiet spot where you can absorb the information will provide a major boost for your self-confidence.

#2: Guest bedroom

Expecting your mother-in-law to visit can be stressful at the best of times, but having a superb, self-contained bedroom where she can retire helps ease the burden for all of you. Even if you don’t want to use the space as a permanent guest bedroom, choosing the right type of furniture such as a classic futon or a daybed enables you to make the most of it for other purposes too.

#3: Children’s playroom

Whether you’re catering for young grand-children or visiting teens, it’s useful to have a separate venue where the kids can hang out. Install suitable storage for toys, games and sports equipment, add a large-sized TV so you can keep them occupied while the adults chat, or include indoor activities like a ping-pong table to burn off some of that energy they have.

#4: Art studio or hobby room

If you’ve always fancied yourself as an aspiring artist, now might be the ideal time to put that theory to the test. A flex room offers the perfect venue to set up your easel and watercolors, try your hand at sculpture or build that exquisite decoupage.

For more information about the Remington or other single-story house plans, please contact Saddlebrook Properties at 1-865-966-8700.




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