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Builder Upgrades: Are They Worth It?

Builder Upgrades: Are They Worth It?

Builder upgrades offer an excellent way to customize your new home. Although your builder may throw in a few upgrades, most are only available at an additional cost. Find out how these upgrades can save you time and money. 

Kitchen Upgrades 

Kitchens are one of the most expensive areas of the house. Upgrades to countertops, fixtures and cabinets can quickly increase your costs if you’re not careful. Although upgrades aren’t cheap, they can actually save you money in the long run. Prices will only go up as the years go by, and you’ll probably wish you had splurged and paid a little extra to get the kitchen cabinets of your dreams when the upgrade cost was reasonable.  

Upgrading kitchen appliances is a good way to make your home more comfortable and efficient. Top-of-the-line refrigerators offer sensitive temperature controls that keep your food from spoiling, while the newest dishwashers are so quiet that you won’t even realize when they’re running. 

Electrical Upgrades 

If you’re handy, you may be able to add an outlet or light fixture yourself, but if you’re not experienced in performing electrical work, you’ll pay a hefty hourly fee to make changes to the electrical in the future. Including a few electrical upgrades during the building process is a simple way to get the functionality you need at a reasonable price.  

Do you normally decorate your house for the holiday season? Add outlets in the eaves of the roof to make hanging lights a breeze. Ask your builder to also install a few outlets in pantries or storage closets to make it easy to recharge your gadgets and tools. Think you might want a hot tub in the future? Installing a 220-volt outlet on the deck now will save you money when you finally decide to make the purchase. 

Paint and Flooring 

Homebuilders offer a variety of paint colors, but those standard offerings may not be exactly what you want. Sure, you could have your home repainted in a year or two, if you don’t mind the expense and inconvenience. Your home will be covered with tarps and will smell like paint for days. Why not choose the paint colors you really want and avoid the expense and mess in the future?  

Replacing flooring also involves money and a mess. Your old floors will have to be removed, sending dust throughout your clean home. Although the contractors will clean up the immediate area, you may still be removing dust from nooks and crannies for weeks to come.  

Those Nice-to-Have Little Things 

Plenty of small upgrades aren’t that expensive and can make your new home much more comfortable, including:  

  • Ceiling fans 
  • Pull-out pantries 
  • Microwave drawers 
  • Additional outdoor lighting 
  • Upgraded lighting in bathrooms and kitchens 
  • Soft-close cabinet drawers and doors 
  • Under-cabinet lighting 
  • Tankless water heaters 
  • Closet organizers 
  • Three-way light switches 
  • Buiilt-in cabinets for TVs 
  • Adding a little extra money to your budget will help ensure your new house is the home of your dreams from the moment you first step through the front door. You’ll find many builder upgrades available in Saddlebrook communities. Visit today to find out how those little extras can make your luxury home more attractive, functional and comfortable.



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