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Benefits of Buying a Ready-Built Home

Benefits of Buying a Ready-Built Home

The option to choose your new home design, floor plan and finishes is every home buyer’s dream, but it doesn’t always become reality. Often, buyers find themselves needing to get a roof over their family’s head faster than building, and that’s when it’s helpful to be able to choose from quick move-in home options.

How ideal is this situation really, however, when you’re a buyer looking for a long-term family residence? Here are some of the benefits of taking up this option.

Fast Delivery

When you view quick move-in homes for sale in Knoxville TN, you’re really getting the best of both worlds. The “completed” status of the home enables faster closing of the deal, which means faster move in for the occupants. Even if the home is not entirely finished at the time of purchase, the chances are good there’s only minimal work left to do. Buyers are getting all the benefits of a new build with the convenience of buying an existing home.

Lower Risk

Imagine choosing your finishes carefully and waiting weeks for them to be installed, only to discover you don’t like the final result after all! While there are many ways to visualize how those granite countertops will look in your new kitchen, it’s only when you see them in place that you can really get a “feel” for the room. That’s a risk most buyers of newly-built homes for sale in Knoxville TN are aware of, but with a quick move-in property you get to see exactly how it looks before signing on the dotted line.

Cost Control

Of course, choosing your design options is half the fun of buying a new home. If you (or your loved one) are inclined to go over budget occasionally, however, choosing a home that’s almost completed allows you to control your spending more closely. In some instances, you might be able to have some say in the finishes after all, if they haven’t been finalized yet by the time of purchase. Homes built for spec sometimes contain extras that aren’t standard with the model, which buyers would normally pay more for.

A completed home that is vacant costs the developer money, so the motivation to sell is higher. You could find this translates into purchasing bonuses, discounted closing costs or price reductions. At the very least, if you were to build the identical home starting now, chances are good the construction would cost more because of price inflation than it did even a few months ago. Besides, if you’re needing to fund temporary accommodation while you wait for your new home, the shorter period will deliver some very welcome cost savings.

Full Home Warranty

This is another of those “best of both worlds” options – with a newly-built home buyers usually get a warranty from the builder, as well as from the manufacturers of the various finishes and appliances. With an existing home, those warranties have generally expired by the time the second owner purchases it. With quick move-in homes for sale in Knoxville TN, the first owner enjoys all the benefits of the warranties while getting a turn-key solution to their accommodation requirements.


Buying a new home in a developing community is great, but buyers often have to wait months for adjacent properties to be snapped up and neighbors to move in. Moreover, amenities such as shopping, transport, community facilities, pools, playgrounds and sports fields typically don’t exist until the development is complete. With quick move-in homes for sale in Knoxville TN, the neighborhoods are established and the amenities are in place, even if it’s still fairly new.

Easier Financing

It’s often easier to get financing for a completed home than one that is still under construction. Title costs may be lower, because homebuilding companies often maintain good relationships with the title companies. Builders also could have preferred lenders who offer special financing rates to their clients, and mortgage companies typically find it easier to lend against the value of an existing home than a conceptual one.

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