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Benefit of Brick - Why Choose a Home with a Stone Exterior

Benefit of Brick - Why Choose a Home with a Stone Exterior

Few outdoor home surfaces are as timeless and traditional as a beautiful brick exterior, especially when it’s combined perfectly with sections of exquisite stone work. It’s a finish builders still use extensively and there are some great reasons for doing so. 

After home floor plans, the choice of surface materials is one of the most important in the architectural design process. In spite of a fairly high cost compared with other materials, homes built with brick and stone exteriors offer several long-term advantages.

Better Temperature Control

Research shows that the use of brick or stone on the outside of a home reduces the cost of heating and cooling by as much as 8 percent. That might not sound like a lot, but on a heating and cooling bill of $200 a month it adds up to almost $2,000 over a ten-year timeframe. Keep in mind that’s just one of the advantages, and it’s better having it in your wallet than anyone else’s. When brick is used together with the correct insulation materials, it acts as a barrier to delay the passage of heat and cold through the walls. This means the R-value of a brick or stone exterior can be significantly better than any other material.

Higher Resale Value

The value of a home and the rate at which it appreciates is related partly to the exterior finish. Natural materials like wood and stone are more popular than synthetic products such as siding. A report from the Brick Industry Association in Reston, VA shows a brick exterior adds up to 6 percent to a home’s resale value. Whether we’re talking about homes based on traditional architectural design, or exotic options like these modern brick homes, the same principle applies. In addition, since many homebuyers consider brick and stone to be attractive, this type of exterior can improve the overall curb appeal, too.

Easier Maintenance

There’s no question that masonry is easier to maintain. According to home renovations guru Bob Vila, a little TLC is all you need to preserve a brick exterior. Wash down the outside of the building once or twice a year using a spray bottle with water, or a garden hose with a gentle spray nozzle. Keep an eye out for water damage, mildew, moss or algae growth, and if you see any developing, add a few drops of bleach to your spray bottle.

Weather And Fire Resistance

Safety plays an important factor in a home’s architectural design, and the use of brick or stone materials contributes to its fire and weather resistant qualities. Bricks are non-combustible, and not only reduce the chances of flames spreading, the use of them can help to contain a blaze to a specific part of the house.

Bricks provide an additional layer of storm protection, too, with studies showing they can tolerate the impact of flying debris at much higher wind speeds than most other exterior products. Both of these factors have a role in homeowners getting lower insurance rates for brick homes.

A study by the National Association of Home Builders showed 34 percent of respondents gave brick as their first choice and were prepared to pay an additional $7,500 for it. For our wide range of maintenance-free homes with brick exteriors at Choto Meadows, click here to download our brochure. 


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