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5 Design Tips for Your Ideal Master Bathroom

5 Design Tips for Your Ideal Master Bathroom

Do you dislike the idea of a boring master bathroom? These tips will help you turn your bathroom from bland to fantastic. 

Color Your World

There’s no need to skimp on color in the master bathroom. It should reflect your personal style, whether you prefer cool, soothing colors or a red that’s bright enough to wake you up in the morning. Choose colors that will make you want to spend time in your new master bathroom, and accessorize the room with plenty of fluffy towels in complementary colors.

Coordinate with Your Bedroom

Your master bathroom is an extension of your master bedroom, so why not continue the theme? Use the same colors or hues that complement the paint in the master bedroom, and opt for cabinets that feature the same finishes as your bedroom furniture.

There’s no reason you can’t add furniture to your master bathroom. A small chest can be used to hold towels or other supplies. If you choose the same style and finish as your bedroom furniture, your bathroom will blend seamlessly with your bedroom.

Choose a Theme

Picking a theme is an excellent way to ensure that every element of your bathroom ties together. Whether you’re going for “indulgent hotel suite” or blue-and-white “beachy oasis,” using a theme will help you narrow your choices for finishes, vanities, lighting, fixtures and flooring.

Add Luxurious Features

Little touches can make your master bathroom feel extravagant. After all, don’t you deserve a little luxury at the end of the day? Adding heated towel racks and rainforest shower heads are excellent ways to increase the comfort level of your bathroom. Can’t stand changes in water temperature when you shower? Buy a thermostatic valve for your shower and control both the temperature and the amount of water from your shower head.

Bathroom fans are essential for removing humidity from your bathroom, but they can be loud. A humidistat fan only runs when humidity reaches a certain level and automatically shuts off until it’s needed again.

Pick High-End Products

Likewise, countertops can achieve so much more than simply holding your toiletries. They also make a design statement if you use high-end materials. Quartz, granite, marble and engineered stone are available in a variety of colors to add drama to your master bathroom.

Need a little help finding innovative master bathroom ideas? Ask your homebuilder for suggestions. They’ll be glad to offer recommendations for products that can make your new master bathroom one of your favorite rooms in your new home.

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