Are your homes energy efficient?
We are glad you asked!  Saddlebrook consistently goes above and beyond energy efficiency requirements with HERS index scores as low as the 60's (the average new home has a HERS index of 100, a used home is often 130).  

We take a whole house approach to energy efficiency.  It's the combination of sound, everyday use features of a home that add overall efficiency value.

Our objective is to provide a home that saves you money in the long run. Here are some of the things Saddlebrook does to ensure your home is tighter, more energy efficient, and less expensive to maintain than other homes:

- Caulking in between critically located studs, floor plates, and drywall seams (air pressure boundary)
- We choose to go above code and use R-49 attic insulation vs. the required R-38.
- Highly efficient heating and cooling systems.
- Radiant foil roof decking in some communities keeps your attic and duct work cooler by bouncing radiant heat back off of your roof and not into your attic.  
- Thermo-ply insulation board used on all boundaries between finished and attic spaces to prevent cold air transfer.
- We foam insulate all penetrations exterior to interior (electrical, plumbing, HVAC)
- Offer highly efficient water heating systems like tankless, gas powered water heaters.

We want you to invest in a beautiful home that is also smart-minded when it comes to energy.