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Wood, Carpets, Tiles - Oh my! Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

Wood, Carpets, Tiles - Oh my! Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

There’s no question that choosing flooring materials for your new home is a big decision. Once you’ve selected your 3-bedroom house plans, it’s time to start picking out the type of surface you want in each room. 

The choice of flooring is particularly important in a smaller home, because it affects how spacious the home feels in summer and the comfort and warmth levels during winter. 

Wood, carpets and tiles all have their pros and cons, as do laminate flooring and vinyl. Here’s how to decide which choice is best for each of your rooms. 

Wonderful Wood

There’s something exceptionally romantic about the look of classic wooden flooring that enables every home to look its very best. Real hardwood is difficult to obtain at a reasonable price point, however, and even if you’re able to pull a rabbit out of a hat and find flooring you can afford, you’re getting several problems along with it such as shrinking, scratching and swelling

Engineered hardwood, on the other hand, has all the good looks of real wood and a number of added benefits. It’s made from real wood that encompasses a hardwood core with a veneer, and it has higher heat and moisture resistance than real wood does. A wood-look surface is perfect for public areas such as the great room, dining area and hallways, because it’s easy to clean and maintains its appearance for a long time. 

Laminate flooring is another way to get a wood look without the headaches of real hardwood. It’s made by covering a multi-ply core with a layer of hardwood, and it can withstand expansion, contraction and moisture better than solid wood. 

Classic Carpeting

Carpeting is an excellent choice for those areas where you need a bit more comfort and softness, such as sleeping quarters. Review 3-bedroom house plans like the Cedar at Choto Meadows or Broady Placeto see whether it’s practical to incorporate the landing outside the bedrooms and carpet the whole area. 

For two-story homes, it’s an idea to carpet the stairs too, because you lower the risk of anyone slipping. However, oak stained hardwood treads add an undeniable sense of beauty.  A light-colored carpet is feasible in the bedrooms themselves, but you might want to make a darker (not too dark) choice if you’re planning to install it at the entrance to the bedrooms too. 

Tantalizing Tiles

Most tiles are made from ceramic or porcelain, both of which are water resistant and easy to clean. Tiles are a given in areas likely to sustain water splashes, like the kitchen and bathroom, but can also be used for entryways, mud rooms and even great rooms. You can even get tiles in a variety of faux-finishes made to look like wood or stone. 

Vinyl tile is also very popular, and in spite of its name comes in sheets for a flawless installation. All types of tile offer enhanced durability for the homeowner and are very resistant to damage. Tiles are easy to maintain and available in a wide range of designs, and many of these can be viewed in our Saddlebrook Design Center. Although smooth tiles are slippery when they are wet, textured versions are available that are super-safe for homes with seniors or young children.

For more information on the types of floor finishes available in our new homes, please visit our Design Center or call 1-865-966-8700. 


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