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What Interior Designers Do vs Interior Decorators

What Interior Designers Do vs Interior Decorators

Building a new home comes with a whole slate of choices to make, and buyers often turn to interior designers for help. Understanding the difference between a designer and a decorator enables you to streamline your efforts, however, and to know who to consult on which topics. Interior design and interior decorating are often considered to be interchangeable terms, but in fact the two professions tackle different aspects of home customization—a fact well known by our home builders in Knoxville TN.

Interior Design

This is a profession that includes studying and understanding the history of design, the structural integrity of buildings, planning of spaces or ergonomics, architecture and spatial concepts, psychology, the design of furniture and more. In most states, becoming a designer requires official training and a licence and a knowledge of building and fire codes.

Designers are also required to understand human behavior to ensure the various parts of a home are functional. They get involved at all stages of homebuilding and work with the entire space, from developing initial floor plans that enhance the function of a space to the choice of decorative accents. Designers use creative solutions to make a structure more beneficial to the life and culture of the homeowner. They work closely with architects and construction crews to achieve the look the homeowner wants.

Interior Decorating

An interior decorator focuses primarily on aesthetics, and usually doesn’t get involved in structural planning. Their purpose is to help their clients choose a décor style, decide on a color palette, buy furniture and accessories. Decorators for home builders in Knoxville TN work mainly with clients as well as furniture manufacturers, upholsterers and other similar industry professionals.

A good decorator understands their client’s personality, who they are, their hobbies, passions and direction in life, and works all these details into a final vision for the interior of the home. Almost anybody can become an interior decorator, if they enjoy working with fabrics, colors and textiles. This occupation doesn’t require any form of accredited education, so it’s easier for unqualified people to take it up.

If it seems there is an overlap between the functions of the two, that’s because interior designers often meld their work with décor principles and preferences. In other words, designers often decorate too, while interior decorators don’t overflow into design work.

Getting it Right

At Saddlebrook Properties, our Design Center is focused on giving the homeowner the assistance you need to choose finishes and fittings confidently for your new home. We’ll help you make the difficult decision between two similar wall colors to ensure your furniture fits in perfectly.

Our designers are qualified to understand exactly what atmosphere you want to achieve in your home, and to help you reach those decisions while remaining within your budget. A wide range of samples and palettes are available to help you select every feature of your home’s design, with the help of people who understand the functionality of your choices.

If you’ve ever had an argument with your spouse about how best to customize a particular room, you’ll appreciate how this service helps to ensure a stress-free experience for new home buyers.

For more information on our Design Center and the qualified professionals available to help home builders in Knoxville TN customize their home, please contact Saddlebrook Properties at 1-865-966-8700.


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