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Home Design Trends in 2018

Home Design Trends in 2018

Home design website Houzz.com is a trend-setter in the remodeling and renovation space, so when the site recently released its 2018 predictions we sat up and took notice. The forecast is based on conversations with experts in the industry, as well as the patterns noticed among its 40 million users. Here are the main looks you can expect to see, and some of the reasons we identified for their popularity.

Brighter Kitchens

Social media is paying off, says Houzz writer and editor Mitchell Parker, who believes exposure to ideas on sites like Pinterest and Instagram has encouraged homeowners to take bigger risks with their home design budgets. One of the first things to go has been the white-toned kitchens with sterile, stainless steel sinks and appliances. The new look is warm and rustic with rich wood-toned cabinets, and we are seeing lots of apron-front sinks. According to data from Zillow, homes with blue kitchens sell for $1,800 more than homes with white kitchens.

Matte Metal Finishes

Last year we saw the brushed metal look hitting the peak of its popularity, with satin brass finishes becoming popular in kitchens and bathrooms. This year, matte metal is taking over from anything shiny, so you no longer have to struggle to keep the finger marks off your equipment! We have been using plenty of matte gold finishes in our plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, and cabinet hardware. Matte black offers a practical, durable surface for pretty much anything, because it’s easy to clean and difficult to damage.

Statement Floors

One of the most exciting trends we’ve seen in a long time is the use of large, 12x24 tiles on kitchen, bathroom, laundry and mudroom floors, which make small spaces feel much larger. The trend extends into the living areas, too, and can take the form of patterned hardwoods with bright, jewel-toned scatter rugs. The trick is to get the floor to complement the rest of the décor, so it’s essential to try out a number of looks before you settle on your finishes. Our home design center offers new home buyers the chance to do that without committing themselves to a color scheme before they find the right palette and options. Create statement floors that reflect your style and provide talking points for the year ahead.

Indoor Succulents

The presence of plants can make any house a home, and it seems indoor succulents haven’t yet done their time. As one of the most affordable plants to purchase and the easiest to care for, they provide reliable greenery year-round in any home. Some options to choose from are:

Burro’s Tail, which is best planted in hanging baskets to the accommodate fat, trailing stems. The leaves are a subtle gray-blue or gray-green, and can grow up to 2 feet in length. You’ll need to keep this in a bright, sunny area of the home to get it to perform at its best.

Zebra Cactus, with its green and white striped leaves, takes a small space and requires practically no effort to care for.

If you prefer blooms, the Crown of Thorns from Madagascar will deliver year-round as long as it has enough light. It has long, spoon-shaped leaves at the end of the spiky branches, with tiny flowers surrounded by colorful bracts.

These home design trends will help you in the planning process, whether you’re buying a new home or intending to redecorate the old. And by keeping your home up to date with the latest ideas, you maintain its resale value in the market ahead of the day when you decide to sell.


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