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Great Garage Storage and Protection Options

Great Garage Storage and Protection Options

Many quick-move-in homes like this one in the Scottsdale floorplan have great garage space adjoining the house, in which you can do a lot with just a little imagination. 

Some of our favorite ideas for increasing the resale value of the home include installing storage and protection options for the garage. These make a useful addition to homes built to traditional house plans. 

Slatwall Systems

In 1964, Harold E. Graham developed the first slatwall and filed a patent application for it. The purpose was to find a way to both store and display items for easy access, without needing to create permanent fixtures attached to a wall. The idea exploded, although he had difficulty enforcing the patent because multiple manufacturers produced different types of the same product. 

Although slatwall systems can be used in various environments, for a garage it’s essential to select panels that are waterproof and simple to keep clean. They also need to be able to carry the weight of the items you hang on them, so if your plan is to stash heavy tools, gardening equipment, bicycles and golf clubs you’ll need to choose panels that can hold at least 100 pounds per square inch. 

If you’re using it just to carry small tools above your hobby work bench, however, then a lighter-weight version will do. Whatever your final choice, a slatwall storage installation can make your garage much tidier, and lead to better use of the available space. 

Overhead Storage

Another option for the quick-move-in homes we have to offer is overhead storage, which can be fitted after a buyer takes ownership of the home. Getting your tools, outdoor and sporting equipment up and out of the way gives you an organized space that you can just drive into when you get home. Some overhead storage options that go well with traditional house plans are:

  • Ceiling mounted racks, available from hardware stores or installed by contractors,

  • Hanging shelves, which can be raised and lowered on a pulley system to load and unload them, or

  • The “Garage Gator” – a type of motorized lift for heavier items such as canoes and kayaks. 

If you’re good at DIY you can fit these yourself. Alternatively, a professional installation will give you the best value for eventual home resale. 

Floor Coatings and Coverings

Your garage floor shows the effects of dirt and damage very quickly. Whether it’s caused by moisture, oil dripping, chemical spillage, snow, salt or other de-icers, unless you’re dedicated to pressure-washing your floor down at least twice each year, a quality floor covering or coating is a good investment in the long-term value of your home. For newly-minted floors in perfect condition, an epoxy coating will protect against stains, corrosion and water penetration. 

Coatings come in concrete or epoxy floor paint, sealers, or a concrete stain that gives the floor the mottled look of natural stone. All types of coating require very thorough floor preparation, even on a new floor, to ensure the product is evenly applied and stable. 

Floor coverings also work well with traditional house plans, giving a modern, classic touch to the interior of your garage. From tiles that snap together, through roll-out mats and interlocking, flexible tiles, you can create an attractive floor that is easy to clean. It’s also quick and inexpensive to replace if it sustains damage, and it keeps the floor in good condition while making the garage usable for various purposes beyond simply car storage. 

Contact us to discover the quick-move-in homes available in our communities, and start planning your new garage today. 


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