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Discover What Goes into Building a New Home

Discover What Goes into Building a New Home

Did you often wonder why it takes so long to build new two-story houses? We’ve put together this breakdown of the materials used in a typical 2,000 square foot house, just to give you an idea of what your homebuilder is dealing with. While most of the homes built by Saddlebrook Properties are larger, we felt this would give you some idea of what goes into the process.


Completion Time

In addition to this list, the homebuilding company has its work cut out and has to take care of a number of issues. According to the Census Bureau’s 2016 Survey of Construction report, the approximate time to completion for a single-family home is 6 months. Custom homes typically take 10 to 16 months to finish, which is substantially longer than standard production homes at 4 to 6 months. Several factors can affect this time frame. One is the style of construction you choose, and the other is the region or environment where the home is being built. Building in metropolitan areas typically takes around 2 months less than rural areas, mostly because of the speed and distance of transporting building materials. 

Functions to Perform

Your home building company has a long list of tasks that have to be carried out to complete new two-story houses, and the timing on some of these are out of the builder’s control. The top 5 factors that influence construction time are:

Pre-Construction and Permits

Long before we can begin building your home, the lot has to be cleared of trees, rocks and other debris. The ground is graded and levelled for the foundation, and when unexpected issues arise during this process it can cause delays. Obtaining the permits and approvals can also result in delays, because factors like approval of the building permit and the inspections process vary significantly between locations. When you choose to build in a community like Saddlebrook’s new Vining Mill development in Hardin Valley, however, you have the benefit of an expedited process due to the permitting and approvals being done in advance for all the lots. 


Depending on where your new home is being built, the time it takes from start to completion can vary as a result of weather factors. Heavy rainfall can delay activities such as laying of the foundation because of the risk of cave-ins during digging. Winter ground temperatures in areas that see freezing temperatures prevent the pouring of concrete. Even in states like Tennessee, where the winter lows reach a fairly mild 48 F, bad weather days can hamper construction. 

Labor and Materials

While summer is the best time for building two story houses in weather terms, it’s also the busiest and this can cause delays in getting reliable workers. That doesn’t apply only to actual construction labor but also to all the various subcontractors that are needed for a modern custom home. Electricians, plumbers and carpenters all make use of their own specialized labor teams, and if one worker is out of action it can affect every building contract in progress. 

Scope Creep

Homebuyers occasionally change their minds mid-way through the building project. While this isn’t always avoidable, it does tend to cause unexpected delays for everyone involved. With an interdependent project like construction, planning is very detailed to enable each phase and sub-phase to be completed before the next phase can begin. Scope creep is a problem for all homebuilding companies, and at Saddlebrook Properties we try to avoid it at all costs. 

The key to a painless experience with building your new home is to communicate and collaborate with your builder. He wants the property completed as much as you do, and behaving like a bad client when things don’t go your way won’t achieve anything. Work together to try and find common ground and a solution to any problems that arise. 

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