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Designing a Master Bathroom You'll Love

Designing a Master Bathroom You'll Love

One of the main advantages of building a new home is the ability to choose the finishes you want. To design a master bathroom that you’ll love for the next decade, it’s important to make the right choices at the start of the project.


Choose Your Tile Type

Selecting the right type of tile depends on the look and atmosphere you want, your home design budget and your color preferences, among other things:
  • Ceramic tiles – these are usually one of the lower cost options, and are ideal for a damp environment like a bathroom. Ceramic is easy to install and care for, which makes a difference later in the life of your home if you need to do repairs. If you choose a high-gloss ceramic tile be sure to test a sample for slipping before you decide.
  • Glass tiles are best for bathroom walls, and add style and dimension to the space. They aren’t a practical option for floors due to the ultra-smooth and slippery surface.
  • Stone tiles create a more natural feel, but since they aren’t waterproof they require proper sealing to protect them and enable them to last. This makes them a more expensive option but adds a luxurious feel to the bathroom.
  • Porcelain tiles are in a higher price range, but they usually offer a worry-free experience. The tiles have a tough, dense surface that absorbs very little water, which makes it ideal for use in a bathroom. Installation is complicated, so professional service is recommended.
Your homebuilding company may have other tile options on offer, too, so take a look at what’s recommended before you make your final choice.


Colors and Patterns

Tiles these days come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. You can literally choose between a sleek, sophisticated look or you can go for something with a bit more fun to perk up your home design. Classic-style homes typically opt for understated shades like beige, cream and grey, and brighten the master bathroom up with brightly-colored towels and accessories. Some of the most popular options currently are:
  • Subway tiles – these are simple but very chic and come in all the different tile materials listed above. They can be cut into any shape, although rectangular is the most common. Mix and match colors, shapes and sizes for an interesting palette in the master bathroom.
  • Accent tiles such as the textured natural stone feature wall in the photo are a popular way of “framing” a section of the room. 
  • Border options are eternally popular, using one color tile as a border where the walls meet the floor and again at the top of the tiled section, and a different color between them.
  • Brick-look tiles also give a rustic, outdoor feel to a master bathroom, and work well with wood accents and cabinets.
  • Geometric-shaped tiles can be used in different shades of the same color palette to provide an interesting combination.
Creating a master bathroom you’ll love requires more than just the right tiles on walls and floor, but homeowners who are visually-oriented will enjoy starting with a primary design and working inwards from there. 

Visit our home Design Center to see the selection of master bathroom tiles available to choose from for your new Knoxville home, or contact Saddlebrook Properties to discuss your requirements.


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